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Oral surgery

A branch of dental medicine that deals with surgical procedures in the oral cavity, teeth, jaw and part of head and neck. In addition to the procedures in the oral cavity, oral surgeon must be well acquainted with the other topographic areas of the head and neck in order to recognize and threat diseases and conditions that appear and manifest in the oral cavity.

vilandes dental Istra Rijeka

vilandes dental Istra Rijeka

Interventions in the field of oral surgery:

-tooth extraction and residual or broken roots

– solving postoperative bleeding and complications

– treatment of inflammatory conditions caused by infections in the oral cavity

– Preparation of the oral cavity for prosthesis (preservation of alveolar bone, levelling reefs, removal of soft tissue, vestibuloplastic, augmentation of hard and soft tissues, implantology)

– treatment of cystic changes

– solving fractured bones and teeth

-early tumor detection of oral cavity

– detection and treatment of diseases of salivary glands

– Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the temporomandibular joint

– Dental implantation

vilandes dental Istra Rijeka