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Dental Prosthetics

Creation of fixed and mobile dental aids


Dental prosthetics

Prosthetics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the creation of fixed and mobile aids that reconstruct teeth and surrounding structures. This compensates for the loss of teeth both functionally and aesthetically.

Dental prosthetics

Dental crowns are made when greater destruction of the dental crown is determined, and dental fillings can no longer adequately replace the clinical crown. They are almost mandatory for devitalized teeth because a simple filling is not able to ensure the hermetical closure of the endodontic space.

According to the type of material, we distinguish between metal ceramic, zircon and solid ceramic crowns. Which one to choose depends on the situation inside the mouth, and the treatment plan , which is determined individually for each patient

Dental bridge

Dental bridge is several crowns connected in one row, and we opt for it when certain teeth are missing, so we use the “adjacent teeth or implants” to “bridge” toothless parts. Sometimes the destruction of the teeth is so great that we don’t have enough tissue to support the crown. That is when we create augumentations that are anchored into the root of the tooth, thus allowing a larger surface area of the tooth the new crown will be glued to.

Dental crown

Telescopic crowns are double replacements consisting of a primary inner crown and a secondary outer crown. The inner crown is cemented to the abutment tooth, while the outer crown is part of a partial denture or removable bridge. Mobile prosthetic work replaces lost teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity, and unlike fixed prosthetic work, the patient removes it from the mouth on his own.

Mobile prosthetic

Types of mobile prosthetic works are partial dentures (they are made when there is a partial tooth loss), total dentures (made when there is complete teethloss) and combined works that are partly fixed to existing teeth (bridge), and the other part can be removed (Wironit denture or telescopic denture).



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